Kat Endgame
Multi-disciplinary designer and Troublemaker for Good

Kat Endgame is a queer femme multi-disciplinary designer, writer, hellraiser and musician who works with the Portland anti-fascist organization Popular Mobilization. She creates video and graphics for PopMob and has a lot of feelings about effective communication strategy.  Born and raised in Portland OR, she helped found PopMob after the events of June 30, 2018 where frontline anti-fascists were brutalized by alt-right attacks during a large patriot prayer action. She joined with like-minded parents, nurses and students with a wide variety of experience organizing, to advocate for everyday anti-fascism and resistance to the insurgent alt-right. PopMob organizes large-scale events that center queer culture and seek to counter the toxic masculinity of both the right and left with jubilant resistance. 

In the time since, PopMob has organized half a dozen counter protests and community events, gotten tens of thousands of people to join in anti-fascist action in the streets, and most recently created a pledge drive where people from around the world pledged money for every Fascist who attended an event billed as the "Battle in Portland Round Two." The fundraiser raised $36,000 for immigrants rights organization CAUSA Oregon.