Jaden Winn

Jaden Winn is a 16-year-old, junior at Wilson High School, and a youth activist in Portland, Oregon. His activism work inspired him to found Youth Igniting Change -- a youth alliance dedicated to addressing the issues of our generation, including promoting policy reform to end our climate crisis, advocating for Portland’s youth experiencing homelessness, and advancing inclusion, equity, and representation in our schools and community. 

Jaden works to ally with other organizations to continue trailblazing creative strategies to bring greater awareness to some of the most critical social and political issues we’re facing. He's also engaged in finding grassroots solutions that address some of our community’s most urgent challenges and circumstances.

Through activism work, Jaden has become a passionate believer in the power and role young people have in shaping our future -- that youth, in the years leading up to being eligible to vote, have a unique opportunity to become informed, engaged, and active citizens.

Jaden has been involved in activism work since he was just eight years old -- when he was asked to write, for his weekly essay, about what he might want to do when he grew up. Since his essay in the third grade, Jaden has done several other services projects -- helping save his teacher's job, fundraising over $1000 to support the ONE Campaign's mission, and traveling around the country for a year to do volunteer work and speak in schools about the importance of kindness and compassion.