Kulsoom Abdullah

Kulsoom Abdullah is an ML Engineer with Omdena and Data Scientist at ADP. Omdena is a global platform that enables organizations to build AI For Good through the collaboration of a diversified pool of global talent. Since it started operations in April 2019, we executed nine challenges with partners such as the UN WFP (United Nations World Food Programme), the UN Refugee Agency, award-winning NGOs as well as cutting-edge AI startups, involving over 400 AI engineers and enthusiasts from 56 countries, solving challenges on  hunger, forest fire, PTSD, sexual violence, gang violence etc.

 She attended the University of Central Florida and received her doctorate in electrical/computer engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is keen on all things data, including but not limited to: Applied Machine Learning, Data for "Good", Human Computer Interaction and Security Data Visualization. In her spare time, she is a competitive Olympic Weightlifter and was Crossfit Level I certified. Her experiences weightlifting in an effort to compete at U.S. national competitions led her to advocate to compete in clothing that adheres to religious codes, opening the door for women from cultures around the world to compete and move beyond preconceived notions of gender, race, and religion. She represented Pakistan as the first female at the international level to compete wearing hijab at the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships.